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Stourbridge BID

Meetings are currently taking place focused on setting up a Buisness Improvement District here in Stourbridge. If successful it will give local businesses a strong voice over how we improve our shops and services and improve the area to attract more visitors.

The more shops and business that are involved, the better it will be.

We've quickly put this page together so we can spread the word - there are still a huge number of local businesses who don't know about this. We (claptrap the venue) only found out about it when Caz (Eco-maniacs) told us, so word of mouth seems the best way.

Here are a few quick details, plus the date of the next get together if you would like to come along, find out more info and get involved.

Business Improvement District

BIDs have been running since 2013 and has shown great results in most of the areas the scheme has been introduced. Our nearest example is in Halesowen.

Vicky from Halesowen BID came to Stourbridge a few weeks ago and did a presentation at the Town Hall showing various things the BID has achieved. Here's a link to their site so you can instantly get an overview of exactly the kind of things that are possible.

How Much?

The BID will only go ahead if over 50% of the businesses in the catchment area vote in favour of it.

(We don't actually think that 50% even KNOW about the BID at the moment)

It is paid for, annually by a fee of approx 1% of each businesses rates.

In the majority of cases this is around £150-£200 per year mark.

All involved at the moment in the Stourbridge steering group are confident that this would easily be met by the increased business.

In cases where business rates would be huge (ie Tesco) there are upper limits to the fee.

More details are available - but the nitty-gritty is - it'll cost most small businesses about £200 a year.

Who Decides?

Meetings. Discussions. Ballot votes.

We all want the BID to be fair for all businesses throughout the town.

From town security, business support and events. Everyone has a say and every voice is heard.

From the meetings we've already had it's clear (and a relief) to meet other businesses who also have the 'big picture' in mind. If the town looks good, feels safe and has things happening for people of all ages, business will thrive.

Too Busy?

We're busy and know you are too. You can attend as many or few meetings as you like. We have set up a Whatsapp group where we can all stay in the loop.


Meet & Greet nights are taking place where every business is invited to come and get involved - or at least find out more information. I've attended most meetings so far, but am far from an expert. I just thought it would be good to type this page and spread the word.

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