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Artiste Area

Whether we've invited you to perform or if you're enquiring about summat, you'll find some good intel right here. If we tickle your fancy and you'd like more info, drop us a line using the contact form below.

Facebook messages of a 'my mates brother is in a band in Droitwich, do you want his number?', will possibly go undetected by our highly cynical artist liaison team.

Claptrap The Venue:

Claptrap The Venue is an intimate venue with a living room vibe, lovingly plonked within the 4 highly glamorous, gherkin stained walls of an old, long-forgotten McDonalds. The upstairs bit at least.

Downstairs are different shops. Nothing at all to do with us, but if you want to look them up, that's your privilege. The gaff is owned and run by 2 (previously) full-time musicians, Sarah and Sean, so a great sound and vibe for the artists takes priority. Stourbridge is an area rich with musicians, poets and creatives, and we want to have a spiffing local venue where the artist is king, feel instantly at home, and have a great sound. Basically stop them fleeing to Birmingham all the time.

And we sell booze. Get in.

There is always a totes diverse atmosphere, depending on the type of show, from relaxed and wound-down to loud n' lively with our 2am late licence complimented by dancing, singing, talking, laughing reminiscent of the best illegal house parties of yore.

About you:

If you are interested in performing at Claptrap, please PLEASE get in touch.

We are not looking for covers bands. By all means still message, but thought

it worth mentioning, to avoid the possible waste of energy.

We do NOT private hire the main room:

(PLEASE be aware that due to the sheer number of enquiries we receive, we're physically unable to answer every one. Calling by in the evening is the optimum way to sort shiz. If you're local, don't clog the switchboard. Just come down!)

Thanks for your message! Speak soon, Sare & Sean

Welcome dear music people, funny people and arty people - to this lovingly hand-crafted artiste area.

Techy Jargs:

The load in:

Off street (free) parking to the rear of the venue is very limited & by prior arrangement only.

We have a rear service elevator (and stairs) leading up to the first floor.

There is also a loading bay opposite our front door, and a staircase straight into t'room, so this way often works out quicker and easier if you don't have anything massively heavy to lug.

Free street parking (2hrs max) between 7am-7pm. Free parking after 7pm.

Bands NEED to be loaded in, set-up and soundchecked BEFORE we open the doors at 8pm.

6pm til 7pm works well, as we can then factor in any support bands set-up time.

Please remember this time is for set-up and soundcheck only!

Get set-up, get a great sound and (I say this with love) get off ;-)

Support slots usually start at 9pm, playing for approx 40 mins, with the headline band

starting at 10pm and finishing by approx 11:30.

We then DJ with an appropriate genre until close at 2am.

Bands are welcome to pack down etc anytime between the end of their set

and 2pm so are free to relax with a well earned shandy when coming off stage.

The Stage:

The stage measures 13ft across x 10ft deep. It is a 2ft high permanent fixture

in the corner with a southerly aspect providing beautiful, breathtaking views of

The West Brom Building Society, Romino's Pizza and chav boi's puking up outside The Lion.

We have a projector installed on a perms basis, so feel free to bring

any logo's/graphics along (on USB), or we can throw various bits and pieces at it ourselves.

The stage area itself is well lit with independently controlled led par cans and the dancefloor enjoys a few subtle non-shitty movers, chasers and all important disco ball.

We don't have a lighting desk. It is our humble opinion that life is too short and

DMX is the work of Satan's nerd department.

(Since typing we have installed 2 DMX moving head lights which we almost always regret)

The PA:

We have installed a crazy-good PA system consisting of Renkus-Heinz speakers, MC2 Amplification and a Behringer Wing 32 channel digital Mixing Desk.

It has been installed to achieved max punch, totes oomph, bum shaking bass,

crystal clear highs, and lots of high qual mid-range soundwave goodness.

For the size of room, it really is the bollocks.


We have 5 x 500W Yamaha wedges - 4 at the front, and 1 at the back for a drum fill.

This offers 4 independent monitor mixes, and we have a further

8 aux sends to facilitate ears/extra monitors etc if needed.

Let us know what you'd like and we can have everything in place.

If you are on ears, we can adios the monitors altogether and free up some stage space.

We don't currently supply ears/packs/transmitters...

so please bring your own if yam a posh un.


When needed we've got a good assortment of house kit/backline available, including:

Drum kit (Premier 22, 10, 12, 14) + stool + all stands + very, VERY, nice rug from Ikea)

(please bring snare, kick pedal and cymbals - although we have these too if you're on the motorway and realise you've forgotten something. Don't panic!)

Bass amp (TC Electronic, Laney, Peavey...)

Guitar amps (Epiphone, Hughes & Kettner, Laney, Peavey, Blackstar, Marshall...)

Mics (SM58's, SM57's etc + Mic stands, XLR's, DI Boxes etc.

Just let us know if you'd like to use this shiz so we can get things ready for you.


Laptop w. DJ Software etc,

Projector (with HDMI inputs by sound desk AND on stage). CD Player.

 Plus plenty of leads, cables to accom everything on this sweet, sweet earth.

We've tried to think of everything and to be prepared for all scenarios,

but drop us a line if you have any questions.

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