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Recording - Producing - Mixing - Mastering

We WANT to record YOU!

We have a great, relaxed, super-vibey, recording studio situated on the floor above the venue.

Since opening Claptrap in 2017, we've been determined to help bands produce great quality recordings, singles, albums and even video.

We get really amazing results here and the proof is in the pudding, so I'll pepper this page with links and demo's so go and check out what we can do for you :)

Studio time is currently charged at £20 per hour. This is the actual RECORDING (tracking) process, with the band in the studio laying down their parts.

We can record musicians seperately, or in a 'live' style.

Both ways have their pro's and con's and I'm perfectly happy to work both ways, or the win-win combination of the two. ie recording the band together, then the vocals and solo's seperately.

Following recording (tracking), I can MIX at a rate of £15 per hour.

I always estimate 3 hours per track to produce the best mix possible of a recorded track.

If a band records 5 songs in a session, with similar instruments etc - I can realistically reduce this time per track considerably for obvs reasons.

Every project is different and I can give you an estimate based on what you wanna do.


The crazy, hazy area of production!

Music production is the extra fiddly editing, cello adding, arrangement tweaking, copying, pasting, re-amping, magic-dust hocus-pocus that sometimes goes on.

(The phrase 'over-produced' is used when this part spirals out of control and there ends up being more production than any right-minded human needs.)

I can do anything that you'd like for £15 per hour. I recommend attended production so everyone can see/hear/comment on what's going on and keep it on-point and under control!


Mastering is the final process. It's when you take your FINISHED mix, and bring it up to commercial volume so that if it comes on your playlist after ACDC, it doesn't sound pathetic.

I'm confident that I can do a good job at this, and will include it in the mixing cost if time allows.

Or £15 per track if not.

I am happy to supply mastered AND unmastered mixes, so you can have it mastered elsewhere and compare the results. A different pair of ears is always a good thing when mastering, so I think that's the main reason for using different people (moreso than anything gear/acoustics/talent related).


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